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The power of large companies lies in their abuse of their far superior financial resources that allow them to ride roughshod over small businesses and individuals. – the backbone of the American economy employing the vast majority of Americans. People like YOU; who work hard, make sacrifices for their families and who don’t have the power in Congress to win unfair tax breaks for themselves.

1. YOU can help end the disparity by:

  • Supporting our proposal to Level the Playing Field –
  • Companies who believe their intellectual property has been wrongly appropriated must challenge each and every instance in court… or lose the right to challenge at all. But companies like Bacardi know they can outspend and outlast smaller competitors, companies that will ultimately be forced to give up the fight, or risk losing everything.

That’s not right. The law allows big companies like Bacardi to succeed simply because they can out-litigate and outspend their smaller competitors.

We seek legislation that would force large companies like Bacardi to pay the legal costs of small companies or individuals in any trademark action, once the claim is found to have merit, from the very start of any action.

So as to avoid frivolous lawsuits and abuse, the obligation to pay the aggrieved party’s legal costs would only follow an initial Court determination that there is merit to the action.

  • Protect Your Trademarks from Big Company
  • Bacardi argues that it can create a separate and distinct mark – Bacardi Untameable – by merely attaching its name in front of another’s mark and claiming it for its own. Bacardi argues that because it is well known, there will be no confusion. This circular argument is absurd. But, under current law, Bacardi’s request could be granted. Allowing this would create a precedent that allows any company to do the same to YOUR marks.

We seek a change to trademark regulations that specifically directs the Patent and Trademarks Office to reject trademark applications that seek to add a brand name to another company’s existing registered trademark.

Congress is currently examining changes to the Trademark and Patents Law. Now is the time to have your say and to protect the work and sacrifice of entrepreneurs from big companies such as Bacardi.

– Make a difference –

Join the Untamed by clicking here to send a message to your Senators and Representatives demanding action on both of these issues

2. Show companies like Bacardi that YOU are the UNTAMED – not them.

  • Use the power of YOUR hard-earned dollars, some of which have been given, without your knowledge, as a tax break to Bacardi. – not to be used against YOU however.
  • Share Your Commitment – Urge your friends to join the Bacardi Controversial campaign; Show your support on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Say “No” to Bacardi – Ask your bartender to stop serving Bacardi products – including Bacardi Rums, Dewar’s Scotch, Grey Goose Vodka and Martini Vermouth.
  • Say “Yes” to The Wild Geese– Help us win our fight for our right to exist alongside big companies by supporting our brands.
    For more information about The Wild Geese products, please click here
  • The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection is one of the very last remaining independent brands of Irish Whiskey. In North America, both The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey and Rum are sold under the ‘brand name’ of The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes Irish Whiskey & The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes Rum Collection.
  • The Wild Geese Soldiers and Heroes Rum is a multi award winning Collection of Caribbean Rums. Winner of 8 medals in two months, including two Golds and two ratings of ‘Exceptional’, plus one of ‘Best Value for Money’ from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Help us make a difference by doing something that makes a difference – Be UNTAMED.
If you are a Wild Geese regain your heritage back from Bacardi.


Want to take a stand against Bacardi? Join the UNTAMED.

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