Irish Whiskey Brand Takes on Bacardi Over Trademark

Irish Whiskey Brand Takes on Bacardi Over Trademark
by Bloomberg Businessweek

Andre Levy, a British liquor marketer grappling with some of the world’s largest spirits conglomerates, hopes for a fairer shake in the court of public opinion, according to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek.

In 2000, Levy launched a whiskey brand called Wild Geese. To Levy and his Irish wife Mairade, who live in Switzerland, the brand clearly evoked the story of 17th century Irish soldiers, known as the Wild Geese, who fled to France at the end of a war with the English.

Last year, Bacardi sought to register the phrase “Bacardi Untameable” with the USPTO. Levy filed an objection and hopes to persuade the trademark office that Bacardi’s application, if approved, would violate his existing mark.

He worries that Bacardi will continue using its phrase, regardless of what the trademark office rules. “We would have to take Bacardi to court,”  Levy told Bloomberg Businessweek. “That would take years and cost substantial amounts of money.”

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