Bacardi Advertising Stirs Controversy


“Bacardi Untameable” Remarkably Similar to Longstanding Irish Whiskey Campaign

Washington, DC – April 10 – Controversy surrounds Bacardi Ltd.’s “Bacardi Untameable” (sic) advertising campaign very recently launched in the U.S. and world-wide in support of its rum, which is facing declining U.S. sales.

The Wild Geese Company, owned by Andre Levy and his wife Mairade Levy (nee Kelly) claims that the campaign is remarkably similar to its campaigns that tell the story of the Wild Geese – that extraordinary band of Irish men and women who left Ireland in 1691 in exile and whose descendants now number over 80 million world-wide, 40 million of whom live in the US many holding prominent positions.

The Wild Geese Company has been using Untamed in telling the story of the Untamed Spirit of the Irish Diaspora since 2009 and registered it in the US and world-wide in 2011.

“We’ve been telling the story of the untamed Wild Geese since 2000.  The story of the Irish Diaspora and the Wild Geese who left Ireland in 1691 is central to the story of the Irish around the world and has as its larger theme the resilience of the Irish spirit in the face of extreme duress” said Andre Levy, Chairman of The Wild Geese Company.  “Now, along comes Bacardi to appropriate the Irish story of the Wild Geese and attempt to make it about them and their family.”

“Not only is Bacardi co-opting the uniquely Irish story of the Wild Geese, but they’ve also adopted our language.  Wild Geese has used “Untamed” on its packaging, in our print and video advertising and displays since 2009,” Andre Levy continued.  “Bacardi cannot take it as their own simply because they like it.”

In 2011, “Untamed” became a registered trademark in the U.S. and around the world. Bacardi now seeks to register “Bacardi Untameable” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).  The Wild Geese Company is challenging Bacardi’s application.

The Wild Geese Company today announced the launch of an online campaign at  Visitors to the online campaign headquarters can compare the two campaigns and see examples of other instances of questionable Bacardi conduct.

In addition, website visitors will be encouraged to write their Senators and Representatives calling on Congress to protect entrepreneurs from Big Companies like Bacardi.  There is also a campaign Facebook page ( and a twitter feed (@BacardiControv).

“Like the Wild Geese before us, we will not let this stand,” said Andre Levy. “Bacardi has picked a fight with the wrong people. We are and will remain Untamed… no matter who is challenging us. That’s just who we are.”

The Wild Geese Company’s products include The Wild Geese Soldiers and Heroes multi award-winning Irish whiskey and recently a multi–award winning Rum, as well as Untamed Revolutionary Rum, Untamed Vodka and The Exiles Gin amongst others.