Wild Geese Untamed

History of The Wild Geese Untamed

Rare irish whiskey

  • Ireland was torn by injustice and natural disaster. In the years leading up to the Treaty of Limerick in 1691, when The Exiles took the name the Wild Geese believing they would return, many had already been forced from their homes and transported to the Caribbean and Americas to work on plantations.
  • Sent into darkness and exile they did not flinch when faced with this unimaginable horror. Many rebellions were to follow.
  • Their story and courage has been largely untold until now. Determined to win freedom, those that escaped, blazed a trail across the endless blue as liberators and pirates of the Caribbean. Navigating their way across the featureless seas and against all odds their only option being to survive and succeed. “UNTAMED” celebrates their resilience, fortitude and success in the face of great adversity.

  • Since 2009, The Wild Geese has used the mark “UNTAMED” on virtually all of its products, in its advertising, on product labels, promotional displays and online videos.
  • For The Wild Geese, “UNTAMED” is more than a tagline, it is more than a registered mark. “UNTAMED” represents the spirit of the Wild Geese, the Irish who left Ireland beginning in 1691 to explore the world and begin new lives across the globe.
  • The Wild Geese would not be stopped by government or famine. They would not yield to the wealthy or powerful. To this day, the spirit of the Wild Geese lives on in those who continue to fight for a better life for themselves and their families.
  • These Wild Geese remain “UNTAMED.” The story of the Wild Geese – and their “UNTAMED” nature – is at the heart of The Wild Geese products – the Irish Whiskey, Irish Vodka and the Caribbean Rum which celebrate the history and achievements of The Wild Geese.


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