Cast of Characters

The Cast of Characters

Taoiseach Enda Kenny meets The Wild Geese company Chairman Andre Levy to celebrate Irish identity – August 18th 2013

Taoiseach Enda Kenny meets The Wild Geese company Chairman Andre Levy to celebrate Irish identity – August 18th 2013

Pernod Ricard The world’s 2nd largest spirit company
Campari 6th largest spirit company
Bacardi The largest privately owned Spirit Company in the World
The Wild Geese Company Andre and Mairade Levy (nee Kelly), staff of 11, exports to some 30 countries world-wide.

The Wild Geese Company was formed in 2000. Owned by Andre and Mairade Levy (nee Kelly), its mission has been to tell the story of Irish fortitude and success amidst great adversity. For Mairade, it was a story that was begging to be told, one that had been lost in the mists of time. Those who were and are a part of the Irish Diaspora – The Wild Geese – showed their fortitude, their intellect and their independence in a manner that impacted across the world. It was the Irishman’s heritage, lost to the Irish no more.

The company’s portfolio includes the Wild Geese Irish Whiskey, The Wild Geese Rum Collection, The Exiles Gin and the Untamed line of products.

The Wild Geese Company has had to fight many battles to tell this story, obstructed by large companies with apparent vested interests along the way.

  • Wild Geese successfully defended itself against more than 34 actions around the world brought by Pernod Ricard, owner of Wild Turkey and Jameson Irish Whiskey and, recently, Campari, which bought Wild Turkey Bourbon from Pernod Ricard.

These companies are seemingly so determined to own The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey and its Rum and stop Wild Geese that:

  • Pernod Ricard, also owners of Jameson Irish Whiskey, claimed that The Wild Geese was confusingly similar to Wild Turkey and took over 34 actions against The Wild Geese around the world. Partially successful in only one jurisdiction, the USA, they lost all the other actions challenging The Wild Geese. In North America, The Wild Geese is now sold as The Wild Geese Soldiers and Heroes.
  • October 2013: Campari began using “NEVER TAMED” to support Wild Turkey and sought to appropriate the story of The Wild Geese for themselves and their product, Irish Mist, by claiming the recipe was brought from Ireland by the “fleeing Earls” as part of the Flight of the Wild Geese. In fact, students of Irish history know that the “Flight of the Earls” occurred in 1607 and was entirely separate from the Flight of the Wild Geese – an event that actually took place in 1691 after the Treaty of Limerick.

    So seemingly desperate that they cannot even be bothered to get their history correct whilst trying to take ownership of “The Wild Geese” from The Wild Geese Company into conceding its rights to them and re-writing Irish history to suit their purposes.

  • November 2013: Bacardi launches its new world-wide Bacardi Untameable Campaign.

Meanwhile, The Wild Geese Company, for the 37th time…

  • Continues to fight big companies like Bacardi in what is only the latest in a series of battles where large competitors have sought to appropriate The Wild Geese and the extraordinary story of the Irish Diaspora for themselves by trying to bully The Wild Geese Company into turning it over.
  • Has remained true to the fighting spirit of The Wild Geese, has refused to be dominated or obstructed by forces greater than them and have remained UNTAMED.


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